Monday, August 27, 2012



                     My Review on Battleship

                                                   The movie Battleship was outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The end was really cool. The Navy pulled out the U.S.S  Missouri in the end. Alex Hopper's(main character) brother dies in the movie. It's actually a really sad part. There was one part when they tracked the aliens these things so called bouys.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

ESF summer camps

        You know I want to tell you about this camp I go to,

 it's this camp called ESF. There are 5 different camps there is Sports, Senior, Day, Mini, and Tennis.I Truejedi myself do Sports Camp. You get to play all different Sports, you have a great time with your coach, you get to go to Family Fling at the end of summer, you get to play other ESF camps etc. My favorite coach's are starting in letter order: Ally,  Ben,  Jake, Jonny, Katie, Mary, Mike, Paul,  Peter, Rick, Ryan F, Ryan J,  there is even a pool at ESF.                                                          Sign Up early, but not to early!!!!!!

      P.S: ESF enrolls for 9 weeks.