Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Clash Of Clans


Clash of Clans is made by Supercell. It is a simulation game. It is when you have a village and you attack people and defend as well. It may not seem interesting but when you play long enough you get addicted. Trust me I speak from experience!! I, myself am addicted!! But be SUPER careful it in the app store it is on the first page for top grossing. It is very tempting to buy things. I almost paid $5 for something not worth it (This is my opinion not a fact!). Later in the game you rebuild the so-called ''Clan Castle" which allows you to join a clan or start a clan. There are 3 resources used for various reasons. The main one Gold used for essential upgrades, the secondary one Elixir used to train troops,
upgrade troops in the Laboratory, create spells for battle in the Spell Factory, and to upgrade Gold Mines (You upgrade Elixir Collectors with Gold) other uses as well, and last but not least Dark Elixir is used to upgrade Barbarian King(Town Hall Level 7), Archer Queen(Town Hall Level 9), (You do not start with Dark Elixir) to train Dark Troops(earned at Town Hall Level 7) and other uses.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review on the Newbery Award winning book The Giver

                                                 THE GIVER by: LOIS LOWERY
The Giver was a great book!! It was a satisfying and a great book. It is about a boy who's name is Jonas and his world is perfect. Here is the summary in my own words: Jonas is an 11 who chosen at the ceremony in December to receive training from the Receiver who holds the memories of many things. There is going  back. The beginning is kind of slow but when you get far enough into the book it gets interesting. I am just starting the second book to the series and it is called Gathering Blue. I will make a new post when I am done reading it and tell you(my fans) my feedback.  


Friday, February 8, 2013


Tradenations is a great game!!! In the game you can get villagers and can assign them jobs. I think it teaches you the basics of business, there is taking inventory, there is also a market where you buy and sell your stock. I can't spoil the entire game for you but I can tell you that it is free and it got great reviews!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Minecraft a Mojang creation

Minecraft is a game when you are a person and you can either choose to survive or make anything you want.
It is on IOS/Android/Kindle and it is also on Xbox 360 and pc/mac. Minecraft PE is rated number one in the app store in paid! It cost 6.99(plus tax) but it is worth it. Xbox 360 edition cost 1600 Microsoft points which cost 19.99(plus tax). Minecraft PC version used to cost 26.99(plus tax) but now it cost 23.99 (plus tax) and now they raised the price back to 26.99(plus tax) but all of them combined cost 53.99(plus tax).All of my friends say that Minecraft is a great application. I have to say Minecraft PC is the best version out of all the version's. The real creator is Minecraft is Notch (Markus Persson). Minecraft Xbox and Pocket Edition are still growing but a few years from now it might reach it's full potential. Now this new person who is known as Jeb is substituting for Notch so Notch can focus on new things for minecraft.