Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review on the Newbery Award winning book The Giver

                                                 THE GIVER by: LOIS LOWERY
The Giver was a great book!! It was a satisfying and a great book. It is about a boy who's name is Jonas and his world is perfect. Here is the summary in my own words: Jonas is an 11 who chosen at the ceremony in December to receive training from the Receiver who holds the memories of many things. There is going  back. The beginning is kind of slow but when you get far enough into the book it gets interesting. I am just starting the second book to the series and it is called Gathering Blue. I will make a new post when I am done reading it and tell you(my fans) my feedback.  


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  1. I think that what you told me about the givor was great and I love what you posted KEEP IT UP.