Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Clash Of Clans


Clash of Clans is made by Supercell. It is a simulation game. It is when you have a village and you attack people and defend as well. It may not seem interesting but when you play long enough you get addicted. Trust me I speak from experience!! I, myself am addicted!! But be SUPER careful it in the app store it is on the first page for top grossing. It is very tempting to buy things. I almost paid $5 for something not worth it (This is my opinion not a fact!). Later in the game you rebuild the so-called ''Clan Castle" which allows you to join a clan or start a clan. There are 3 resources used for various reasons. The main one Gold used for essential upgrades, the secondary one Elixir used to train troops,
upgrade troops in the Laboratory, create spells for battle in the Spell Factory, and to upgrade Gold Mines (You upgrade Elixir Collectors with Gold) other uses as well, and last but not least Dark Elixir is used to upgrade Barbarian King(Town Hall Level 7), Archer Queen(Town Hall Level 9), (You do not start with Dark Elixir) to train Dark Troops(earned at Town Hall Level 7) and other uses.

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